Who We Are

Allied Motors Trading LLC For Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere

Our Story

Allied Motors Plus extension of Allied Motors, focuses on providing best automotive deal For Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere.

Our objective is to provide value-added customer centric support to automotive seekers who are looking for electric cars, bulk bargain and unique design cars.

Based in Dubai, UAE, and with our wide network access to major brands be it for American, European, Japanese, Korean or Luxury cars, we have unlimited access and ensure faster delivery across all the segments.

Our expertise in procurement, warehousing and logistics helps us to provide quality service to our customers when it comes to arranging vehicles locally or globally.

We want to create an eco-system whereby customers can have live access to our global inventory with photos, specifications and price information through their smart device.

Just sign up with us If you are a car trader, rental operator, end customer or a private business looking for value deal and don’t miss an opportunity to get the best vehicles at competitive price. For more assistance or for any expert advice just contact Allied Motors Plus team.



Most Exciting New Cars

Multibrands With Wide Range Of Options.


Extensive Local & Global Experience

Headquartered in Dubai, UAE, and with our wide network presence in Thailand, Hong Kong and Saudi Arabia help us to deliver better and faster service globally across all the segments; be it for American, European, Japanese, Korean, Luxury and Right-Hand Drive vehicles.

Our expertise in procurement, warehousing and logistics helps us to provide the best to our customers when it comes to the timely delivery of our services globally.

Our footprint in various countries gives an opportunity for our customers to reach us with ease.

Our Team

Our team members possess a versatile knowledge in the automobile industry that allows us to embrace and nurture a unique business culture with a proactive approach. Our dedicated employees are committed in assisting our customers to make the right choice, provide cost-effective solutions in order to fulfill their requirements.

Our team is set with well-defined goals, which motivate them to accomplish the organizational goals with a high standard of customer satisfaction. Always a high level of inter-dependence is maintained among our team members to ensure a smooth workflow. We continuously provide training to all our employees under professional guidance and enhance their core skills to meet today’s business need and prepare them to face future challenges.

Team Strength:

Accomplishment, Leadership, Liability, Integrity, Efficiency and Dynamic.

Team Motto:

To create longstanding relationships, loyalty and mutual trust with our customers to serve world-class service.